Welcome to a BlueCollar Faith!!

Hey look @ You! You stumbled across BlueCollarChurch.com, we welcome you.  However, as you can see, we are still getting the site up and running so content is forthcoming.

What is BlueCollarChurch?

First, Blue Collar Church is here to have some fun while we learn about Life, Faith, Community and Jesus Christ!

Second, We plan to  assist new believers and seekers in an exploration of the Christian Faith.  The Christian Faith is a GIANT topic with many facets.  Here at BCC we will break those big ideas into the practical categories of Faith, Family, Finance, Fitness and Focus.

Third, as a pastor of small and new churches for over 20 years, one of my passions is to help small or young churches cast vision and strategize for their unique settings.  Ministry is challenging, but is doesn’t have to be hard.  Usually success is just a few simple things that just need to be imagined.

Well, thanks for the drop in, we have a lot of help on the way, so stay tuned.

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